How do I get a website?+-

Websites can be made in many different ways, but I like to break the process down to 4 steps:

  1. Buying a domain
  2. Buying a web host
  3. Designing the website
  4. Adding content to the website

Continue reading to find out more about each step.

What is a domain and how do I get one?+-

Simply put, a domain (or domain name) is the name of your website. Google's domain name is google.com, Facebook's is facebook.com, and so on.

Domain names can be purchased from many different companies, and are often purchased from the same company where you buy your web hosting.

Should you choose to work with me to build a custom website, I like to use 1&1 Ionos to purchase both the domain name and the web hosting. Website builders such as Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace also offer their own domain name and hosting packages.

On average, domain names cost about $10-15 per year.

What is hosting?+-

Hosting just refers to the space on the web where your site will live. Choosing a host is basically like buying a house for your website.

Hosting prices can vary greatly depending on the size of your website and who you choose as your host, but prices generally range from $7-20 per month.

Can you set up the domain and hosting for me?+-

Absolutely! I will research and find the best option depending on your needs and vision for your website, then set up the account (pending your approval, of course).

Unfortunately, domains and hosting do cost money. After finding you the most appropriate plan, I will turn the account over to you so that you may manage the billing.

What do you need from me?+-

Your most important job in the web design process is deciding what content you want on your website. Think about what pages you want to have on the site, as well as writing any content you want included (About page, Services, etc.) Although it is not necessary, I encourage you to offer any design input as you see fit (colors, layout, etc.)

Once we have discussed your vision for your website, I will request a Word document of any content (paragraphs, pictures, etc.) you would like on your site.

How much will all of this cost?+-

Website costs vary greatly depending on the features used and the size of the website. For a point of reference, my website costs $15/year for the domain and $8/month for hosting.

Small businesses owners usually don't want to shell out a large chunk of money for website design, which is why I offer affordable pricing based on the amount of work being done.

On average, I will get your website designed, developed, and launched for $100-300.

Can you help with anything other than websites?+-

Yes, in addition to web design & development, I also can design logos, social media cover photos, business cards, brochures, and just about anything else you can think of.

Can you redesign my current website?+-

Of course! Whether it just be some minor tweaks or an entire website redesign, I am happy to update or overhaul an existing website.